1910 account of Grace Margaret Rose's first birthday
[mounted manuscript leaf]

1910 account of Grace Margaret Rose's first birthday

A single sheet of lined paper mounted to a roughly cut 9-inch square of manila card. It looks like a page excised from a diary with a sweet but mundane account of a baby's first birthday, possibly written by a relative or caregiver. Perfectly unremarkable but for the mystery of why the page is mounted—if something happened that later made that day significant, if it was Miss Rose's only birthday. 

Grace Margaret Rose is one year old today, Sept-13-1910.
She went for a drive with her papa and mamma in the morning up to Lucy Insliss. In the afternoon, she and mama took a walk to grandpa's store and got weighed tipping the scales at 20 1/2 pounds.
She also has four teeth.
She opened the screen door and went out on the back porch, and was all delighted.
For gifts, she received a gold locket and chain and two books.
Also received 27 postcards.
Took a long sleep in the afternoon and to tell it all was a good little tot all day.